{ Benefits from S to O –
Pharma Marketing with a 360° offering }

Think Tank

When sharp minds meet pure curiosity.
When details melt with a kaleidoscope
of perspectives. When ideas fill the room
and do only one thing, namely: inspire.
It is then necessary to combine letters
and pictures into expressive messages.
From interdisciplinary know-how, creative
expertise and a performative passion for
communication, we always let new ideas
bloom in our think tank studio.


Whether analog, digital, cross media,
regional or international - we always know
exactly what, where, how and to whom
to communicate. Ultimately, the concept
is the foundation of every beginning at
STO Pharmawerbung AG. On the basis of
research, analysis and background facts –
a pioneering instrument is developed in
close cooperation with the customer.

Scientific Writing

Pharma communication also means
communicating hypotheses, and
thoroughly preparing scientific and
complex background information
for target groups. To communicate
to a select audience or the general
public, expertise in communication,
journalism, public relations and science
are essential. This is exactly what we
guarantee with a highly qualified,
interdisciplinary team.


Attractive content, solid style and correct spelling - that makes a text into an effective text. But only when the text is packaged into the right format, integrated into the overall communications and technically brought into line with its channel and message, does it develops its full impact. We skilfully move between storytelling, pharmaceutical expertise and keywords.


To bring your messages into the optimal
format and the most efficient channel to
the correct audiences, we need to speak
your language. We do so. Fluently.
Consulting requires understanding –
which is why it is done in close cooperation
with you. Through close listening, critical
analysis, strategic thought, and goal-
oriented behavior –we take on responsibility
and relieve our customers of it.


We plan your training, create your advisory
board, organise your expert panels, are
your partner in global meetings or take care
of the moderation for you. We support you.
Selectively or comprehensively. According
to your individual needs. Take advantage
of our proven expertise, our specialised
knowledge and our years of experience –
STO Pharmawerbung AG stands for events
that positively stay in mind.

Graphic Design

With thought-out concepts, a fine sense
for details and technical competence;
STO Pharmawerbung AG develops and
molds a distinctive visual identity for
your product and your business. Ultimately,
design should not only meet aesthetic
demands, but also work in practice.
On- and offline. This is precisely the case
when imagery, logo design, typography,
colour and shape are embedded within
a concept.

Digital Media

Analog or digital? Or both? We advise you individually, competently and instrumentally on all questions regarding new media. We plan, design, program, implement, and maintain your website, take care of online editing, write your newsletters and blogs, bring your sales folder onto your iPad and more. With multimedia expertise in house, STO Pharmawerbung AG is in an excellent position to implement the ever-growing pool of possibilities.


We remain at the press with the printer until the color is true. We are there while our multimedia specialists write the errors out of HTML code. At STO Pharmawerbung AG every project manager is a generalist and your contact person for A to Z. Everyone knows how freshly-printed, uncoated, natural paper smells. Or how it sounds when a booklet is punched out. We take control, and only stop - when everything is perfect.


Whether reference photos
of vials or packaging, portraits of
employees, image photos for the annual
report or the new key visual of the image
campaign – we have an eye for every
detail. Depending on your requirements,
in-house or in close cooperation with our
external photographer – we put you and
your company in the right light.


"Order is half of life" – we handle our
administration in line with this motto.
Lean and efficient organisation ensures
smooth operations and simple processes.
This saves you, and us, a lot of time and
costs. As in our core competencies, you
will feel our extraordinary commitment
to administration - in the form of diligence,
competence and efficiency.


Our regional, national and international clients benefit when choosing media thanks to our independence and substantial competitive advantages. While GRP and OTS are within our reach, we work closely with allied media agencies. We support you with detailed media planning, and the placement of on- and offline media services whilst buying on attractive terms.