{ The people behind }

Pharma communication is our passion. From the first customer contact to the finished project, you will be supported and advised by our interdisciplinary team from the fields of science, marketing communications, corporate design, corporate communications, multimedia and organisation.

Rebecca Huber

Rebecca is open-minded, spontaneous and always ready to learn something new. She gained her professional experience at various companies in the field of chemistry or the manufacture of coffee machines and sandpaper, where she also cultivated exchanges with agencies. Now she no longer wanted to just work with them, but to pe part of one. There is a good chance you'll find her with headphones on – she describes herself as a "podcast addict". She likes her work as varied as the topics of the podcasts she listens to.


Urs Scherrer

As a child he wanted to become a carpenter, teacher and journalist. Today he is a polygraphic specialist, production team leader, and IT admin. The man with the eye for detail, the sense of the soft- and hardware and the passion for multimedia is the calm pole in the agency. For over 15 years he has remained loyal to STO Pharmawerbung AG. The father of two and self-confessed hard rock fan would like to give the world a little more leisure time with a "time expander".


Seera Schauwecker

Known for her wide selection of chewing gum with surprise effects, this demanding creative is always ready to discover new things. She studied visual communication, she finds inspiration in everyday life and nature. True to her job, Seera Schauwecker likes the wonderful blaze of colours in autumn. Her list of things that she still absolutely wants to experience is very long.


Renee McGrath

Driven by enormous dedication, multi-talented Renee McGrath makes the impossible possible for her clients again and again. She is a graphic designer, marketing planner in one. Conceptually strong, imaginative and helpful. At work she appreciates the space and diversity STO Pharmawerbung AG affords her. She dreams of a road trip through the US. Then she could also indulge her passion, namely singing along loudly to the car radio.


Nicole Cavegn

Her friends call her "Nikipedia" - and of course there's a reason for that! The human biologist with research experience in neurobiology impresses with her expertise, but also knows almost always an answer to questions outside her field of study. Her team loves her calm nature, because Nicole at work is down-to-earth. She likes to travel "down under" or anywhere else in the world. At STO, the globetrotter likes the variety. No day is like the other!

Nicole Cavegn@sto.ch

Helena Zähnler

With a wink of the eye, this creative power woman describes herself with three words: the boss’ wife. In fact Helena Zähnler masterfully juggles numbers, recruits the right professionals onto the constantly growing STO team and is a partner and confidant in one for the about 20 interdisciplinary people at the agency. She is very interested in art and culture and has her own studio, where modern, abstract acrylic images emerge. Painting means freedom for Helena Zähnler. She can turn off and tune out everything else around her.


Andrea Lusti

She delivers her clients the right message in the best form possible. Established expertise and over ten years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry qualify her. Commitment, sensitivity and joy at work distinguish her. The educated translator, marketing planner and senior consultant has been with STO Pharmawerbung AG since 2004. Andrea Lusti finds her balance with cooking, laughing and downhill jogging with dog Tamina.


Manfred Zähnler

Advertising is his passion. It naturally corresponds to his versatile range of interests, has become his beloved profession and lets him successfully bring his many years of experience into play. Agency boss Manfred Zähnler appreciates intensive customer contact and fostering his employees. Customers appreciate his open and direct manner, sparring partner character and the mix of social and professional skills which he offers. There are at least 1000 things the family man and fitness fan still wants to experience.


Isabelle Hauser

She now makes advertising because her childhood dreams – astronaut and millionaire – have just not worked out. The former hurdle sprinter and mother of two is convivial, curious and conscientious – and that’s a good thing: the profession of polygraphic specialist makes Isabelle Hauser into a "control freak". Her training as a specialist in the printing and packaging industries brings more facets into the agency on a daily basis. And last but not least she has magical powers with which she can make sweets disappear without a trace.


Nelly Sommer Stillhart

Nomen est Omen: Nelly's favorite season is the summer. Whether hiking, relaxing in the garden, cycling or playing golf – the energetic family wife spends her time outdoors. After her apprenticeship as a draftsman, she attended the commercial school. Today, Nelly supervises and manages payment transactions in our office.


Katja Gueinzius

The immunologist would like to have a diploma as AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego), unfortunately no suitable course was found so far. Katja Gueinzius has more than ten years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry and knows like no other how to make complicated facts understandable. This is exactly why she works at STO Pharmawerbung as a communications consultant and medical advisor. “Advertising with facts makes sense” says the scientist about her creative work in the agency where she is particularly impressed by the mix of generations and skills as well as the team spirit. What Katja is still missing – to her absolute happiness – is a “really functioning rain cover while cycling” – which would be of great service to the weatherproof cyclist in her favourite season, winter!


Ines Biedenkapp

Anyone who finds spelling mistakes on a sticker in front of him even on roller coaster rides must have an eye for detail. It is therefore not surprising that Ines completed a training as a journalist after her Bachelor in International Business. She is an absolute bookworm. From thrillers to non-fiction and small print: Ines reads everything. Almost nothing disturbs her. Only with commas she is partly on the warpath since her language training in New Zealand. When she's not reading, you meet her playing sports in nature.
br> ines.biedenkapp@sto.ch

Gina Koller

Gina has been all over the world and is a summer child: she loves the sun and the sea. Today, she and her family can be found on the Swiss shores of Lake Constance. She already knew as a child that she wanted to create her own comic one day. No wonder she decided to study Master of Arts in Design with a specialization in illustration. Her goal: to make the pharmaceutical industry more creative and visit the Taj Mahal. We're sure with her optimism and creativity, she will do both.


Linda Meier

She's an expert at analyzing TV commercials - she says. And as a graduate marketing manager HF, Linda can do it with proven professional competence! We don't know whether her talent can be traced back to her funny, ambitious and open-minded nature or to "her little bang" - those are the words of her friends. What we do know is that Linda is a master in networked thinking - a quality that only brings advantages in a versatile and fast agency life.


Juliane Albrecht

Juliane has completed her commercial training in a pharmaceutical company. She was then able to move within the company to her desired department, marketing, where she had contact with STO Pharmawerbung AG for the first time. After further training as a marketing specialist, she wanted to get to know "the other side", agency life. As a consultant, she loves the variety of everyday work, the varied and challenging tasks and the cooperation with different clients. Juliane impresses her team with her open-minded, cheerful and calm manner. The power woman finds the balance to everyday office life in her passion, the crossfit.


Ricarda Schwyn

«Nothing is impossible» is Ricarda's motto. And this is very noticeable when working with her: As an organizational talent, the consultant easily pulls all the strings and always keeps an overview of her projects. After completing her professional commercial training, Ricarda studied International Management with a focus on Marketing. As a digital native her home is online, as a travel fan all over the world. She speaks fluent French thanks to her one-year stay in Paris. This is why French-speaking calls often end up at her phone - much to the delight of Ricarda and her team colleagues! We are still trying to figure out whether her huge shoe collection is a result of her stay in Europe's fashion metropolis ...


Nicole Muster

Nicole is an expert when it comes to the world of pharmaceuticals. As a pharmaceutical assistant, she has not only gained experience in pharmacies and health insurance companies, but has also worked for a pharmaceutical distributor. We know her as a motivated doer who is always looking for the best possible solution - whether for her customers or her team colleagues. She finds ideas for this while horseback riding or walking in nature.


Janine Nanni

Janine is an early bird and therefore one of the first in the agency. In a good mood she is engaged in her polygraphic work – even though as a child her dream job was “nothing with computers”. As a mum of two children, flexibility and spontaneity are part of her everyday life – and that's what we appreciate about her. By the way, she would spontaneously travel to the Maldives again…


Melissa Thoma

She likes to get to the bottom of things: Melissa once wanted to become a marine biologist, but then decided not to. In the summer of 2019 she completed her training as a polygraph with top marks. No surprise, because Melissa has the ability to manage several things simultaneously and keep a cool head, no matter how hectic everyday life may be. It is these qualities that are of the greatest use in agency life. Her friends say she is a " chatty and likeable whirlwind". The bundle of energy seldom gets really out of breath - whether as a trumpet player in the orchestra or when creating, designing and layouting content for all kinds of print and screen media.


Lars Engeli

Lars makes his apprenticeship as a graphic artist and impresses with calm and creativity. A combination that harmonizes perfectly. He lives out his childhood dream of “natural scientist” through his enthusiasm for the animal world. But his stories about exotic snakes and spiders go a bit too far for one or the other in the team. Whether he has a favorite season of the year? “No, because variety makes life sweet.”


Robin Neff

Our mediamatician Robin is one of the youngest in the team. But despite his youth he has a lot of experience in developing and programming websites. As a child he always wanted to be an astronaut on the moon. Today he stands with both feet firmly on the ground and captures it with his camera. Because Robin is an enthusiastic photographer. He lets the concentrated calmness of photography flow into his work as well.